Services - Cleaning & Proofing

We only clean acrylic roofed, rigid poled caravan awnings only.  We do not clean any tents or inners, trailer tents or their awnings, cotton roofed awnings, flexible poled light weight awnings, air awnings, groundsheets or curtains.  We are also usually unable to clean all Pyramids, all Gateway Leisure and some models of Ventura awnings (Ocean and Pacific). Please remove all guylines, tie down straps, curtains and any loose fittings.  A deposit of a third is asked for when leaving or sending your awning. 

We clean all awnings ourselves, they are not sent to anyone else. We accept cleaning jobs at our workshop from October and clean them on a strict date order ,  we can also carry out any repairs that may be needed at the same time if requested.  Completion dates may vary dependant on numbers, but we can get behind when winter air temperatures are low enough to freeze cleaning solutions on contact and freeze pipes and machinery.  We usually finish the majority of the jobs brought in before Christmas at least before the start of the season.

Awnings are cleaned and proofed from the beginning of October through to the end of May.  All awnings are cleaned by hand, no washing machines, rollers, brushes or abrasives are used nor is there rubbing motion of any kind.  Solvent cleaners are not used as these can cause damage to waterproofing and coated fabrics and windows.  Water based cleaning solutions are sprayed on, left to do their job and then rinsed off.  Awnings are checked for any further cleaning and if ok they then get a final rinse and are dried over 2 days, any repairs that have been mentioned are then carried out and then waterproofed if asked for before finally being packed.

On some awnings (especially those which have been in a lot of sun) it is possible that fabric, threads and trimmings can deteriorate, although not visible at the time of bringing them in, once the cleaning has begun this usually becomes obvious.  As we are working by hand and up close it is usually immediately seen. We are able to repair these weathered and sun damaged areas for you if requested.

We cannot guarantee to remove absolutely every dirty mark or stain, some may be left.  We cannot always remove oil stains, paint, rust marks (from pegs/poles), tar from some hard standing pitches or from paths or roads or some mildew staining (although we can remove most mildew staining).  We cannot remove stains on roofs caused by folding PVC mudwalling or splashwalls, tinted windows , coloured pegging bands onto outside of roof (usually when wet or damp), some grease marks  or oily soot marks caused by BBQ smoke.

If you have phoned for a price this would normally have been for a standard depth awning cleaning dirt, mildew/fungal and green algae expected on woodland seasonal pitches for a year or two for the size you have given.  If it is found to be a different size than stated or dirtier than expected the final price will be altered accordingly.  Extra deep awnings are charged at a different rate.  Annexes, skirts and wheel arch covers are all cleaned at an additional cost.  All awnings should arrive neatly bagged - if not a heavy duty clear plastic bag will be supplied and your awning re - packed at an extra charge.  Awnings should arrive with us in a dry condition and, if wet we must be informed - sometimes awnings need to be stored for a considerable time before cleaning commences.  If wet a drying cost will be charged,  which could be up to 25% of the cleaning charge.  If we are not informed that your awning is wet or damp, it may need a heavier clean than normal due to mildew/fungal growth, (the cost of which will considerably exceed the drying charge, this can in extreme cases be up to 50% of the cleaning charge).  We cannot guarantee to remove all heavy mildew/fungal staining due to damp/wet storage, neither can we be held responsible for any damage to your awning fabric/threads due to mould.  You will also be charged for damage done to other awnings stored next to yours whilst in our premises

If you require any parts we can arrange for these to be ready for collection with your awning.  Items can be viewed on our website and ordered over the telephone or by e-mail to  (please give your name and job number).  Payment will be taken with the balance left on your cleaning work.

We will remind you twice if needed that your awning is ready for collection if however a third reminder is needed (usually after end of April) storage charges will also be applied.

By leaving your awning with us you agree to these terms and conditions.

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